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If your lucky enough to live on our beautiful island of Ireland, you will find my clinic right next to the sea in the beautiful village of Greystones. Based just south of Dublin City, we have the best of both worlds with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. We are in a highly accessbile location to reach by car, Dublin Bus or DART and my clients who travel to see me from afar, love to get to hang out in lovely Greystones! If you are futher afield, no worries. I work with clients online via Skype so do get in touch and we can see what the best way forward for you is.

  • Sharon
    Caroline has a strong and magnetic personality that immediately instills confidence in her and assures you that you are in 'a safe pair of hands'. She has great empathy and listens carefully with kindness and impartiality during consultations.
    Sharon / Wicklow, Ireland
  • Alice
    I’ve really benefitted from working with Caroline. It really helped me see myself and my relationships much clearer, it pointed me in the right direction for sorting a lot of things out. I'd highly recommed her to anyone needing support.
    Alice / Enniskerry, Ireland
  • Lisa
    Caroline has a genuinely caring attitude & authentic compassion. She facilitates the opportunity to acknowledge that life is difficult at times but then guides her clients in truly finding the joy in life regardless of how tough things may be.
    Lisa / Wicklow, Ireland


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Address:The Healing Rooms-Greystones
Mill Road, Greystones
Co. Wicklow, Ireland