Cold n’ Flu season is upon us ……

Moving into Autumn, it always take me a while to get let the summer go and face towards the winter. I have had many a winter where, the weather has taken a sharp turn and cold and flu season is upon us before I even think about preparing for the winter and having my natural health kit stocked up. Since having children of my own and the snots and sneezing that inevitably comes with them, I have been pushed to get more organized and prepare in advance for cold and flu season. This makes life a lot less stressful and when walking the path of natural health care, its essential to be armed with all the allies available to us and have a fair idea how to use them!



How many times have you felt that cold coming on and not only ignored the signs but taken a couple of pain killers, headed off to work and on to a night out after? The truth is most of us in this busy world have times when we feel we don’t have the time to be sick, let alone to put the feet up and allow our body to rest and recover. I know I often fall into this way of thinking if I don’t keep a check on it. The truth is that many coughs and colds caught at the onset and treated properly i.e. Herbs and natural remedies to support the bodies process, can be stopped in their tracks and we can bounce back quite quickly. This as opposed to an acute situation that forces us to stop or worse again, the development of a low grade malaise that drags on for weeks.

So do you want to blow them opportunistic coughs and colds out of the water before they get a grip?

Yes? Where here are 3 simple steps to get started:

1)  Be prepared. Draw up a list of what you want to have in your winter natural medicine chest. Order/wild craft supplies and prepare remedies for a range of acute winter conditions that many arise for you or your family.

2)  Educate yourself as to when and how to use your natural herbal remedies safely, what works best for what situation and what your limitations are. There are always time when we need external support.

3)  Pay attention to your conditioning around self-care. Are you reluctant to allow yourself to rest? Do you feel inconvenienced when you get sick and push past your bodies warning signs? Do you spend your energy looking after and caring for others, but find it hard to look after and care for yourself, or receive this from others?

Taking on to walk the natural health path is a journey of taking responsibility for ourselves. It can be challenging at times but hugely rewarding and empowering. A good place to start is with the basics and for those seasoned herbal healing folk who have been doing this for years, I believe its always good to get back to basics, and self-care really is the foundation of all health.

If your interested in some of my winter allies I have at had, stay tuned to this blog. What do you have in your winter medicine chest? How do you take care of yourself in this hectic world? I love to hear………


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